With the introduction of the Roam 30 and Roam 40, SRAM has extended its portfolio with two new, more affordable wheels for all round trail use. Let’s have a first look at their promising new wheels for 26″, 27.5″ and 29″.

Neu im Sortiment: SRAM Roam 40 Laufräder, erhältlich in allen Größen
New from SRAM: Roam 40 wheels, available in all three sizes

SRAMs wheel lineup is divided into three different product-lines: While the “Rise”-series is more cross country oriented, the Rail wheels are – as the name already suggests – made for tougher applications, like enduro and freeride. Falling in between the two categories is the ROAM group, which has now two new models.

One Spoke Technologie: Alle 48 Messerspeichen eines Laufradsatzes haben die gleiche Länge
One Spoke Technology: All 48 bladed spokes in a wheelset have the same length.

The good news is, despite their much lower price of 441 Euro (Roam 30) or 618 Euro (Roam 40), the new wheelsets have all the features of the higher-priced models. For example the Solo Spoke Technology: Due to a special hub design, all spokes of the wheelset have the same length, making it easier to keep spare parts in stock. In each wheel there are 24 bladed spokes, in the Roam 40 wheels they are double-butted (2.0 / 1.8 / 2.0 mm), in the Roam 30 they have constant 2.0 millimeter diameter.

Das asymmetrische Felgenprofil ist klar deutlich zu erkennen.
The rims feature the same asymmetric profile like that of the more expensive Roam 50 wheels. Inner width is a respectable 21 millimeters. While the Roam 40 rims are welded, the Roam 30 are sleeved to reduce production costs. According to SRAM, this has no effect on the stability but only adds a few gram. Also, the sleeved rim is not UST certified because – if you ride without any sealant – air can escape through the small split. Of course, both models are still tubeless ready – and as nobody rides tubeless without any sealant, it’s not really a problem.

[caption id="attachment_41779" align="alignleft" width="780"]An den Hinterrad Naben sind vier Lager verbaut. The rear hub has four bearings. Also you can see the pressed-in ratchet ring.

While the technology inside the hubs of the higher-priced SRAM wheels comes from Swiss manufacturer DT Swiss, the hubs of the new Roam wheels are designed completely by SRAM and full of interesting solutions. In addition to the already mentioned Solo Spoke Technology, SRAM uses special SpeedBall Bearings with larger diameters. To achieve the best balance between low friction and good durability, different types of seals are used: You can find stronger contact seals facing outward and non-contact seals with less friction facing inward.

Es greifen immer zwei gegenüberliegende Sperrklinken ein.
Straight-aligned and perpendicular pawls work together to reduce lateral forces on the bearings.

In contrast to many competitors products, the ratchet ring is pressed into the SRAM hubs (instead of being screwed in) to create a durable and precise connection. The ratchet ring has 26 teeth and depending on the model, there are two (Roam 30) or four (Roam 40) pawls. To reduce lateral forces, the opposing pawls always engage at the same time. In this way, the Roam 30 has 26 engagement points (13.8 engagement degrees) and the Roam 40 52 engagement points (6.9 engagement degrees). Both driver bodies are compatible, so Roam 30 owners have the chance to upgrade to less engagement degrees and a snappier response too.

Freie Auswahl: Über Adapterstücke lassen sich die  Roam Laufräder für alle gängigen Achs-Standards anpassen.
Free choice: Using different adaptors, the hubs can be set up for all axle types.

When it comes to axle types and wheel sizes, SRAM offers a lot of different options, both with the Roam 30 and the Roam 40. From simple quick release up to massive 20 millimeter Axles, everything is supported, also of course 10×135, 12×135 and 12×142 rear axles.

Alle Naben gibt es auch mit XD-Freilaufkörper für 11-fach Kassetten.
All hubs are available with XD driver body too.

Maximum compatibility: Obviously both wheelsets are available with XD driver bodies too to run them with 11-speed setups. It’s good to see that SRAM continues its “1×11 for everyone” approach on their wheelsets too. The Roam 30 wheels are an perfect addition to the new affordable X1 group – this combination could be found on many bike builds soon!


Facts SRAM Roam 40

  • Weight: 1,560g (26″), 1,615g (27.5″), 1,695g (29″)
  • Price: 618 Euro
  • Rim width: 21mm (inner), 25.5mm (outer)
  • welded rim
  • Speedball bearing, two in the front hub, four in the rear hub
  • Double Time driver mechanism – 4 pawls, 52 engagement points, 6,9 engagement degrees
  • 24 bladed spokes, 2-cross, double butted (2.0 / 1.8 / 2.0 mm)
  • International Standards 6 bolts
  • Front Axle compatibility 9×100 QR / 9×100 QR OS / 15×100 / 20×110
  • rear axle compatibility 10×135 QR / 12×135 / 12×142
  • sram-roam-30-wheels

    Facts Roam 30

    • Weight: 1,730g (26″), 1,785g (27.5″), 1,870g (29″)
    • Price: 441 Euro
    • Rim width: 21mm (inner), 25.5mm (outer)
    • sleeved rim
    • Speedball Bearings, 2 in the front hub, 4 in the rear hub
    • Double Time driver mechanism – 2 Pawls, 26 Engagement Points, 13,8 Engagement Degrees
    • 24 bladed spokes, 2-cross, 2.0 mm
    • International Standards 6 bolts
    • Front Axle compatibility 9×100 QR / 9×100 QR OS / 15×100 / 20×110
    • rear axle compatibility 10×135 QR / 12×135 / 12×142

    Bottom Line

    SRAM extends its product range with two promising wheelsets, offering all features of the higher-priced models at a more affordable pricepoint.