The day of all days, race day is D-Day. The day when milliseconds are sought after, risks are taken and it’s a question of winning or losing. For Mondraker, the 26th June 2015 is D-Day. Today they’re presenting their brand new, ultimate race-orientated enduro bike: the Dune Carbon.

Brutal sexy, brutal edel und brutal teuer, das neue Dune XR von Mondraker kostet happige 8.999 €. Aber ist es auch brutal schnell?
Brutally sexy, brutally stylish and brutally expensive, the new Dune XR from Mondraker costs a mere 8,999 €. But is it brutally quick too? /caption]

Over the past few years Mondraker have gained a reputation for creating innovative products and distinctive designs. Setting new standards when it comes to geometry and frame design, their Forward Geometry was awarded the Design & Innovation Award 2013 and paved the way for many of today’s current crop of enduro and downhill bikes. The new Dune Carbon keeps this combination, with a long top tube and short stem as well as the Stealth design that’s so typical of Mondraker.

[banner] [caption id="attachment_96663" align="aligncenter" width="780"]Miguel Pina, CEO bei Mondraker, erklärt bei der Präsentation des Dune Carbon die technischen Highlights des Carbonrahmens. Miguel Pina, CEO at Mondraker, explains the technicalities of the Dune Carbon’s carbon frame at the launch.

The frame of the Mondraker Dune Carbon

The new Mondraker Dune Carbon heralds the sixth generation of the very successful model and slots perfectly into the Spaniards’ line-up. Highly reminiscent of its big brother, the Summum, it has the same technological highlights of their recently presented bikes. Zero Suspension System, Forward Geometry and Stealth Carbon are terms that we’re all familiar with from Mondraker, and they’re also listed on the spec of the Dune Carbon frame, which weighs 2,450g minus the rear shock. But there’s more at play with this new bike as it comes with customizable geometry with the head angle and chainstay length, Mondraker’s own chain guide and frame protector.

Die Aussparung im Rahmendesign direkt hinter dem Steuerrohr ist mittlerweile typisch für Mondraker und prägt das Erscheinungsbild des gesamten Line-Ups. Die verschiedenen Lagerschalen, mit denen sich der Lenkwinkel um 2° variieren lässt, sind dagegen neu.
This hole in the frame directly behind the head tube is now synonymous with Mondraker and characterizes the whole line-up. The various bearing shells, which allow the head angle to be altered by 2°, are a new addition.
Wie der Hauptrahmen und der Hinterbau ist auch die Wippe erstmals aus Carbon gefertigt. Das drückt das Gewicht und bringt zusätzliche Steifigkeit. Zudem setzt Mondraker am Hinterbau auf größer dimensionierte Lager und Achsen.
Like the frame and the rear, the rocker is also made from carbon. This reduces weight and boosts rigidity. Mondraker have also opted for bigger bearings and axle at the rear.

With the Zero Suspension System with 160 mm travel, the floating rear shock is compressed on both sides, which should result in more sensitivity.

Die Züge verlaufen im Inneren. Das unterstützt die cleane Optik und die aggressive Formsprache des Rahmens.
The cables are internally routed, which adds to the clean look and the aggressive style of the frame.
Zum Schutz des edlen Carbonrahmens hat Mondraker einen eigenen Bashguard entwickelt, der auf der Innenseite der Kurbel sitzt. Echte Racer wünschen sich hier jedoch noch eine Rolle, um ihn als vollwertige Kettenführung nutzen zu können.
To protect the beautiful carbon frame, Mondraker developed their own Bashguard.
Ein hochwertiger Kettenstrebenschutz schützt zusätzlich vor Lackschäden.
A high quality chain stay protector should keep the frame intact.
Ebenfalls neu: der 30 mm kurze Vorbau und 780 mm breite Lenker mit 35 mm Klemmung.
Another new addition: the 30 mm stem and 780mm wide bars with 35mm clamp.

The models of the new Dune Carbon

Mondraker has three models of the new Dune Carbon, costing between 5,999 and 8,999 €. While the Dune Carbon R and RR have 160mm-travel forks, the race-focused top model, the XR has 170mm of travel and the top quality new FLOAT X2 shock. The models are united by the 1×11 drivetrain – the Dune Carbon namely doesn’t have a front changer. The Dune Carbon will also be sold as a frame set with shock for 3,999 €.

Here’s an overview of the various specs:

Das Mondraker Dune Carbon XR ist das Topmodell der neuen Palette und kostet satte 8.999 €.
The Mondraker Dune Carbon XR represents the top model and retails at a juicy 8,999 €.
Das Mondraker Dune Carbon XR ist für einen Preis von 7.499 € erhältlich.
The Mondraker Dune Carbon RR is available for 7,499 €.
Das Einstiegsmodell Dune Carbon R ist das einzige Modell mit RockShox-Fahrwerk und Shimano-Antrieb und schlägt mit 5.999 € zu Buche.
The entry-level Dune Carbon R is the only model that comes with RockShox suspension and Shimano drivetrain, and costs 5,999 €.
Screenshot 2015-06-24 16.06.15 Screenshot 2015-06-24 14.20.39 Kopie

The geometry of the Dune Carbon

Typical for Mondraker, the new Dune Carbon is kitted out with the so-called Forward Geometry, which consists of an extremely long top tube, short rear and short stem. By using the headset shells that come with the bike, the head angle can be altered by 2° between 65° and 67°. Moreover, the flip chip in the upper rocker link allows you to change the chainstay length from 430mm to 440mm to suit your tastes.

Die Geometrie des RR/R und des XR unterscheiden sich aufgrund der längeren Federgabel im XR-Modell minimal.
The geometry stats of the RR/R and the XR aren’t that different, aside from the longer forks on the XR.

Our first ride

Admittedly, the conditions for our first ride were everything but ideal. Heavy rain turned the route in Leogang into a veritable waterslide and therefore made it a little tricky to pass judgment on the suspension and handling. So we’re not claiming to give you a riding report, instead we just want to share our first impressions of the Dune Carbon RR.

Skeptisch blickt unser Tester Christoph Richtung Himmel, die dunklen Wolken verheißen nichts Gutes.
Test rider Christoph takes a skeptical look at the ominous gray clouds.

At 180cm tall, the guys at Mondraker offered me a size large frame with a monstrous reach of 493mm. The extremely long top tube is now pretty much a trademark of the Spaniards and impacts on how their bikes ride. Right from the get-go, one thing was clear to me: If I wanted to keep in control in these rainy conditions then I needed to keep my upper body over the front wheel – even more so than I usually have to on my own bike, the super long Giant Reign.

Matsch en masse – will man die Kontrolle über das Rad haben, muss der Oberkörper weit nach vorn gebracht werden.
Mud en masse – to keep control it’s a case of upper body forwards.

With this thought in the front of my mind, I started the downhill. On the incredibly slippery roots, there was only one option and that involved gaining grip rather than trying to brake! And this is where the Dune felt completely comfortable. The long top tube and gigantic wheelbase (1,238mm size large) instilled a huge amount of confidence in me and meant that (almost) any line choice, no matter how steep or technical, was in its capacity. On certain occasions I’d have preferred a slightly higher front, like the XR model has anyway due to the longer forks. This is where a bar with some extra rise could be a viable solution.

Mondraker Dune Launch (7 von 9)

Despite trying to get as much weight as possible over the front from the start, I struggled initially with a lack of weight on the corners, which was most evident on the burms in the middle part of the course. It took a while until I found the best position on the bike. Eventually the 12.6kg Dune Carbon showed its skills on corners and there were no issues on tight bends despite its long wheelbase, which is certainly due to the short chainstay (just 430mm).

Je schneller, desto besser – das neue Dune Carbon schreit förmlich nach Highspeed!
The faster, the better – the new Dune Carbon is begging for high speeds.

Towards the end of the track, it was time to rev the engine and hit the high speeds. On the now slightly wider track with a quick succession of burms, tables and a host of braking bumps, the Dune Carbon felt totally at ease! The rear responds generously to repetitive bumps, remains stable in its travel and delivers great feedback. At the same time, tightening the chain out of corners results in rapid acceleration. On the way back to the lift I had the opportunity to check the position and how it responds to some serious pedaling. In conclusion: More than convincing – in every possible way so far.

Völlig verdreckt, aber glücklich: Unser Tester und Chefredakteur Christoph nach einer ersten Runde mit dem neuen Mondraker Dune Carbon RR.
Incredibly muddy but beaming with happiness: Our test rider and head editor Christoph after the first ride with the new Mondraker Dune Carbon RR.


The new Mondraker Dune Carbon looks damn quick on the stand and this test ride proved this to be true! The suspension, geometry and spec have won us over. Besides demanding a fairly full wallet and a stable core to ride it, the bike is certainly in a state to deliver its full potential. With the entry model at almost 6,000€ and the 9,000 € for the top model, it isn’t exactly what we’d call cheap.

More information on the new Mondraker Dune Carbon can be found at:

Pictures: Nathan Huges/Christoph Bayer | Words: Christoph Bayer

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