Lapierre have given their Zesty trail bike an overhaul for 2016 and launched their already successful model in a full carbon version too. Our First Look article takes a glance at all of its new features.

The Zesty is set to emerge for the 2016 season in two brand-new versions. With the Zesty AM, expect an aggressive trail bike with 150mm travel and 27.5″ wheels, and envision the Zesty XM as the next generation of the Zesty Trail. Formerly a 29er, this new model is also going to take 27.5″ wheels, giving 120mm rear travel and 130mm at the front.

Das 2016er Lapierre Zesty AM 427 mit E:I Shock.
Fit for 2016, the Lapierre Zesty AM 427 with E:I Shock.

Zesty AM

An upgraded version of its predecessor, the Zesty AM has 150mm travel both front and back. Riding on 27.5″ wheels, it will be available in four sizes. Alongside the aluminium frame, there’s a full carbon model, which results in a weight reduction of 500 grams compared to its forerunner, and the aluminium model has shaved off 50 grams too. The OST+ suspension system means enhanced comfort and a bob-free ride.

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Regarding the geometry, there are a few significant amendments since 2015: the top tube has been lengthened by 5mm, and the reach by 10mm (size medium). The seat tube has been shortened as well, the head angle slackened by 0.5° and the tyres donated 10mm more clearance. In short: longer, slacker, and more aggressive.

According to Lapierre, the build has been chosen to fit ‘modern requirements and purposes,’ which translates as wider bars, shorter stems and wider rims.

Das Topmodell Zesty AM 827 Kommt u.a. mit SRAM XO Antrieb und SRAM Roam Laufrädern.
The top model Zesty AM 827 bears the SRAM XO drivetrain and SRAM Roam wheels.

One of the key features of the rear of the bike is that the shock is now attached to the top tube, and combined with the new design of the E:I Shock battery, you can now ride with a bottle cage. As Lapierre came under fire previously, they’ve now taken a different approach and created a thinner chainstay so that the foot (or rather, your heel) won’t touch the rear as you pedal.

Zesty XM

Based on the same frame as the AM, the Zesty XM actually has less travel, with 120mm shock and 130mm granted from the forks.

Das 2016er Lapierre Zesty XM 527 mit E:I Shock - Nachfolger des 2015er Zesty Trail.
The 2016er Lapierre Zesty XM 527 with E:I Shock – the next generation of 2015’s Zesty Trail
Bildschirmfoto 2015-06-30 um 12.22.13

As the offspring of the 29er Zesty Trail, Lapierre chose 27.5″ for the new Zesty XM to boost sales once more.

Weitere Modellvarianten des Zesty XM sind das günstigere Zesty XM 427 ...
The more affordable model of the Zesty XM, the Zesty XM 427 …
... und das Topmodell Zesty XM 827.
… and the top model, the Zesty XM 827.

E:I Shock

Compared to last year, the electronic E:I Shock from RockShox has taken on the services of a new control unit, which allows you to add a 40mm stem. The redesign of the E:I’s battery, and the new positioning of the shock on the top tube, now enables you to have a bottle cage. All of the models are E:I compatible, and Lapierre are collaborating with RockShox to create an E-bike-specific version, which is already setting our hearts racing.

Text: Daniel Schlicke & Laurenz Utech Photos: Lapierre

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