In the highest town of the Alps, Davos Scott presented his new Bikes for 2015. After Scott had introduced a completely new Genius LT last year, the bike has been given some interesting updates for the 2015 season. We now had the opportunity to test the bike with all the updates on some awesome trails in the Swiss alps.

Die 2015 Scott Enduro Waffe - das Scott Genius LT in der tuned Version!
The Enduro weapon for 2015 – the SCOTT Genius LT in the tuned version!

The Updates at a glance:

SCOTT has not made any major changes to the frame that was released last year. However, there are some interesting improvements, which should improve the performance of the Genius LT even further. Most evident are the updates to the suspension of the 2015 bike. At the front is the all-new FOX 36 Custom fork with 170mm of travel. This should ensure much more precision because of a higher stiffness of the fork. The Fox Nude shock on the rear of the Genius LT has also seen some updates. It should now offer a better response and provide more traction over the terrain.

Zukünftig arbeitet an der Front die super steife FOX 36 mit 170mm Federweg.
In the future the all-new and significantly stiffer FOX 36 CTD Custom fork with 170mm of travel will be fitted to the Genius LT.
Der neu auf das Genius LT optimierte FOX Nude CTCD Dämpfer hat wie von Scott bekannt drei verschiedene Modi, welche via TwinLoc vom Lenker aus angesteuert werden.
Outwardly, it is still the old, but inside the FOX Nude CTCD shock is completely redesigned. It still provides the three riding modes which can be chosen with the TwinLoc Lever from the handlebar.
Der alt bekannte TwinLoc Hebel wird zukünftig direkt auf dem Griff montiert.
The well known Twin Loc lever is now mounted directly on the clamp of the grip.
Geometrieverstellung ab jetzt nicht mehr nur über den FlipChip an der Dämpferaufnahme, sondern auch über ein AngleSet. Der Lenkwinkel kann dabei um 0.7 Grad verändert werden.
A geometry adjustment is now possible through the flip chip at the shock mount, SCOTT also offers an AngleSet. With this the head- and seat angle can be varied by 0.7 degrees. The bottom bracket height is also affected.
Ein eigens von Scott entwickelte und produziert Kettenführung sorgt auf im extremen Einsatz dafür, dass die Kette stets an der gewünschten Stelle bleibt.
A specially developed (and produced by Scott) chain guide is intended to ensure that even in extreme terrain the chain stays on the chainring.
Super chice Optitik Dank  interne Zugführung.
Thanks to the internal cable routing, the new Genius LT still has same clean look as the 2014 bike.
In Größe M und Originalausstattung wiegt das Genius LT Tuned 12.2 kg!
In size medium and with the original components, the Genius LT Tuned has a weight of 12.2 kg – that’s awesome!

Frame weights of the different models:

The top variant of the Genius LT, the Genius LT 700 comes with a carbon frame, as well as a carbon rear triangle. The frame weight of the bike, including the FOX Nude shock is 2450g incredibly light! The Genius LT 710 has a main frame is also made ​​of carbon, but the chainstays are made ​​of aluminum, the result is an additional weight of 320 grams compared to the 700 model (2770g incl shock). 430 g heavier is the Genius LT 720, where both the front and rear of the frame are made ​​of aluminum (2880g including shock).

First riding impression of the SCOTT Genius LT 2015

Even in the first few meters, we recognized the improved performance of the revised shock. Compared with the current model the new shock reacts better with smaller hits and effectively absorbs the smallest bumps.
The three riding modes, Descend, Traction Control and Climb are still available. Here, unlike to the classic FOX CTD system, the shock not adds more compression damping, but also reduces the air volume. This leads to a noticeable change of the geometry by reducing the SAG.

On fire roads we chose the Climb setting. Here the suspension is almost completely blocked and so maximum propulsion and an efficient riding position is guaranteed. If it is a technical uphill, we prefer to use Traction mode. As the name suggests, this mode provides more traction. Here the suspension is much firmer than in the downhill mode, but still can react much more when compared to the Climb mode, and so the bike rolls better over obstacles.


We choose a suspension setup with 20% sag. Even with this relatively low sag the suspension reacts very effectively to small bumps. Especially in the middle stroke of suspension, the shock offering lots of feedback. A pronounced progressive final part of the stroke prevents the shock from bottoming out.


The handling of the Scott Genius LT, however, is virtually unchanged. With the slack head angle in combination with the long wheelbase you can go very fast even in very rough terrain, the bike runs almost as if on rails. The SCOTT is made for high-speed! Nevertheless, it can maneuvered through the narrowest sections without investing too much power. The significantly stiffer FOX 36 fork in the new model ensures even more precision, each line can be hit exactly.

SCOTT really did a great job optimizing the undoubtedly very good Genius LT. Similar to small facelifts in the automotive industry, the bike is not only visually more appealing, but it has also particularly impressed us with some changes in detail. Specifically, the revised suspension has already won us over in the first few meters. Once we have the opportunity to test the bike extensively, a further detailed review will follow.

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Words: Max Philip Schmitt Pictures: Max Philip Schmitt / Markus Greber

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