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9Point8 Fall Line 200 mm

If you have legs long enough to make Gisele Bündchen feel inadequate, you will be sure to be excited by the huge 200 mm drop offered by the new 9Point8 Fall Line dropper post. Not only is the towering drop extremely generous, but the 9Point8 Fall Line, with its versatile remote and powerful mechanical operation, is one of the most beautifully made posts on the market. Enduro giraffes will be delighted, while shorter riders can grab a shorter version!

Price: € 599
Diameter: 30.9 mm / 31.6 mm
Length: 30.9 mm / 31.6 mm
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Douchebags Big Bastard

Anyone who has dragged a massive bag through an airport will have been sure to fire out some choice curses, so we love that Douchebags have honestly named their 90L load lugger the ‘Big Bastard.’ The bag features quick access, a retractable handle, and large wheels, and for those who travel lighter there is a smaller 60L ‘Little Bastard.’ Costing a whopping €229, it’s certainly not cheap, and looking at the polarising looks we could certainly think of a few more names for it.

Price: € 229
Volume: 90 l

Five Ten Freerider EPS High

Every adventure needs the right equipment. Seriously, have you ever seen a mountaineer climbing Everest in flip-flops? Probably not. That same mentality applies to riding in winter – unless, of course, numb toes are your thing. With the Five Ten Freerider EPS High you can rest assured that you’ll avoid that dreaded numbness. Not just stylish, these also feature Five Ten’s stealth rubber sole that is mega-grippy. Plus the shoes are kitted with PrimaLoft insulation, which makes them super-warm. A must for cold, wet winter days.

Price: € 144.90

Giro Switchblade

Let’s face it: if you wanted to wear a helmet with a removable chin guard, until now the choices have been a little lacking in the style department. The new 975 g Giro Switchblade offers full ASTM Downhill certification with MIPS and stainless steel hardware, wrapped up in a stylish package that will not make your friends ashamed to be seen with you. With the chin guard removed, the helmet looks uniquely moto, and will have you howling “Braap, Braap” at every turn.

Price: € 299.95
Weight: 975 g

Huck Norris

When the Huck Norris idea was born, we’re sure the designers celebrated with a crisp high five before going home early – it’s so simple it hurts. Sitting inside the carcass of the tire, the closed-cell foam insert cushions the sidewall and rim from hard impact. Huck Norris is not only elegantly simple, but at € 69.00 euros, it’s also the most expensive way to buy foam. We predict a flurry of enterprising riders cutting up camping mats to make their own Hack Norris versions. Available in three widths and for all wheel sizes.

Price: € 69
Weight: 85 g
Sizes: 27.5″, 29″ (all widths)


When it comes to night vision, owls have the most sensitive eyes in the animal kingdom; in fact, their eyes make up 5% of their body weight. With that in mind, you should never shine a powerful SIGMA BUSTER 2000 directly at an owl, as it will likely explode in a cloud of feathers. With a slimline wireless remote control, 2.5 to 20 hour burn time, and a powerful 2000 Lumen beam, the BUSTER 2000 is a great choice for after-work winter shreds.

Price: € 199
Power: 2000 Lumen
Battery: 6.400 mAh

WTB Convict 2.5

The new WTB Convict 2.5 looks like the result of a drunken one night stand between a Vigilante and a motocross tire. With a huge 2.5 inch carcass and aggressive siped knobs, it hangs on in flat corners like a fat kid hanging onto a cake. Available in three different versions, the toughest TCS Dual DNA version would make a great tire for regular sidewall slashers. However, at 1317 g each you will need a good sense of humour on the climbs.

Price: € 59.90 / € 64.90
High Grip / Fast Rolling
Weight: 1,040 g / 1,253 g

Yeti SB5+

Mixing full-fat tires with semi-skimmed lines, the new Yeti SB5+ blends the distinctive silhouette of the SB5 with new elevated chainstays. The 127 mm-travel bike has enough space for voluminous tires up to three inches, and is perfect for those who like to grip rather than slide. The SB5+ is all about fun, confident handling and massive grins. As with all Yetis, you will have to sell a kidney to afford one, but this is precisely the reason why we are born with a spare.

C-Series: € 5.890
T-Series: € 8.839
T-Series (Frame): € 4.290
Weight: 12.48 kg (T-Series-X01 Eagle)

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