Hype This van life edition – 8 awesome products for your camping adventure

Our latest edition of Hype This is all about the van life. Right on time to welcome spring, we’ve compiled a list of gadgets sure to make this year’s road trips a whole lot more relaxed, comfortable and fun!

Gränsfors Hand Hatchet

When the van life takes you to remote areas, you have to be prepared for all eventualities! As a universal tool, you shouldn’t get caught without a hatchet on any road trip into the wilderness! Be it chopping wood for the campfire, cutting a rough slice of Jamón Ibérico or, if need be, fending off troublemakers, it will always come in handy. With the Gränsfors hand hatchet, you get a piece of Swedish craftsmanship. The short handle allows even inexperienced users to work precisely and reduces the risk of messing up your shin. The handle is carved from a beautiful hickory and the head is made of a special axe-steel alloy which is hand-forged and hardened. To keep the blade sharp and everything else safe, Gränsfors include a vegetable tanned leather sheath. By the way: the two letters on the axe head are the initials of the blacksmith who forged it. Very classy and a one-off!

Price: € 129
More info: gransforsbruk.com

Bosch EasyPump cordless compressor

The ebike among pumps! Are you looking for a reliable pump with which to inflate your tires, tubeless, road bike or car, as quickly as possible without breaking a sweat before you hit the trail? The Bosch EasyPump is a 400g cordless compressor with a wide variety of attachments. It goes up to 10 bar, with the desired pressure set at the push of a button and the pump switching off automatically after reaching it. Thanks to its compact design, the cordless compressor will fit into any tool case or every nook and cranny. Adapters for a wide variety of valves are stowed in the cavity of the handle where they’re always within reach. While on the move, the compact compressor can be charged via USB.

Price: € 105.99
More info: bosch-diy.com

Thule Tepui Foothill

Luxury camping? Thanks to the stylish Thule Tepui Foothill, this is no oxymoron! You don’t even need a van since the roof tent allows you to convert an estate or even a sports car into an equally suitable camper. At just 61 cm wide, the Foothill is a high-end roof tent that doesn’t take up all of the space on your roof, leaving enough room for a storage box, bike or skis. Thanks to the panorama window, the tent offers an uninterrupted view of the night sky – if that doesn’t beat a five-star hotel, we don’t know what will. The package includes an easily attached rainfly to keep you dry no matter how miserable the weather. For an additional € 1.699, you can also get a matching foam mat with removable covers and a telescoping aluminium ladder.

Weight: 49 kg
Price: € 1,699
More info: thule.com

NanoDry Trek Towel

Are you tired of your towel taking up all your packing space when travelling and it always being slightly damp? Matador have the solution! This towel can be transported in its silicone pouch which is small enough to be attached to any keychain, thanks to its special fabric. When unpacked, it’s the same size as a regular towel: 120 x 60 cm. According to Matador, it dries completely within 30 minutes and stays fresh for longer thanks to its antibacterial properties. As they say, dynamite comes in small packages! Don’t get caught without it in your backpack or hip bag the next time so you’re ready for the next time you come across a cool stream and want to refresh yourself on a hot summer’s day.

Price: € 34.99
More info: matadorup.com

Kärcher KHB6 cordless pressure washer

In the past, your mom likely washed your dirty clothes and even today, you might rely on someone else for the difficult jobs. However, you better wash your bike yourself! It’s just as much a part of cycling as a post-ride beer. Besides, bike care is bike love, especially if you’re going to park your bike in your mobile living room i.e. van. Kärcher have the solution with the KHB6 cordless pressure washer. Thanks to its simple and compact design, it hardly takes up any space. It can be operated with water from a bucket via the suction hose or from any nearby water source (stream or lake) with the help of an additional filter attachment. With Kärcher’s universal 18 V system, their batteries are compatible across all cordless Kärcher devices. The battery also integrates a display to let you know how much charge remains.

Price: € 199 (incl. battery)
More info: kaercher.com

WE-Hang hammock

Regardless of whether your van is packed to the brim again or a friend was too lazy to shower and you’re reluctant to let them sleep inside: with the WE-Hang hammock in your luggage, you’ll be prepared. Made from nylon, this stylish and cleverly designed hammock weighs just 850g including the straps, making it ideal for your next bikepacking adventure. The straps consist of two loops that are quick and easy to wrap around almost any tree. No knots needed, simply attach the straps, clip in the hammock via the carabiners and relax! Easy enough to do even after several post-ride beers!

Price: € 89.99
More info: we-hang.com

Kirron AC200P LiFePo Powerstation

We know the feeling: you’re on the road and you’ve got to cut firewood with your circular saw. No problem! For just under € 2,000, the Kirron AC200P Powerstation is here to help. Of course, you can also use it to operate a travel-sized fridge for up to 60 hours, prepare something in the microwave or recharge your laptop up to 30 times. Despite all those options, you’re more likely to recharge your smartphone 127 times or top up your ebike battery. Checking the status of the 2000 Wh power station is easy thanks to the built-in LCD display. It offers all standard outputs including USB, 230 V AC and 12 V. An optionally available solar panel lets you recharge the power station while you’re out in the wild. If 2000 Wh sounds like overkill, we’ve got some good news: Kirron also make a smaller 1,800 Wh version, which, at € 1,699, still isn’t cheap, though it does offer better value for money.

Price: from € 1,699
More info: kirronlightcomponents.com

On Vacation Club

Life is better on vacation! Berlin startup, On Vacation, brings those holiday vibes home to you – or the trail! The “Do Nothing” and “La Dolce Vita” collections take you back to a time when blemished photos weren’t intentionally curated with Instagram filters but the product of flawed Polaroid cameras. We wholeheartedly recommend checking out their other collections and trendy socks #sockgame! All products are made in Europe in the most sustainable way possible and besides upping your street cred, for every order you place, a tree gets planted in Indonesia or Mozambique. Nice!

More info: on-vacation.club

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