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Hype This Winter Essentials – 6 hot products that will keep your spirits up this winter.

The temperatures are dropping and the days are getting shorter. So, we’ve put together 6 products that will get you excited about getting outside and riding your bike despite the cold, even after a long day at work. They will help you survive the winter by staying dry and warm and keeping your bike going.

FOX Mud Guard

The FOX Fork Mud Guard protects your face and goggles from getting covered in dirt, slush and grime. The minimalist mudguard is available in a standard size, which ends at the front of the fork bridge, and an 85% larger XL version, which covers significantly more of the tire, extending further down the back and to the front. The nice thing about the FOX Fork Mud Guard is that it gets bolted on, offering a seamless and secure fit – no more rattling and no more cable ties that end up scratching your fork. Before ordering, make sure that it’s compatible with your fork. The mudguard will only work with FOX 36 and 38 fork models from 2021 onwards. The FOX 40 is exclusively compatible with the XL version of the mudguard. Both sizes come included with everything you need to attach the mudguard. Now there’s nothing to stop you from enjoying a muddy winter ride.

Price: $ 25.00

Zippo hand warmer

Winter riding is a lot of fun until the merciless cold has managed to sap the last bit of warmth from your hands. When you’ve got to take your gloves off to check the route or see how many kudos you got on Strava, that’s usually the end of it. Your fingers are frozen and it doesn’t make sense to squeeze your hands back into your cold gloves. Instead of putting a smile on your face, the ride turns into a test of endurance. This is where Zippo’s hand warmer comes in. As you’d expect from Zippo, the pocket oven uses lighter fluid to generate warmth, though without an open flame. It can keep your hands warm for up to 6 hours, weighs just 60 g and is about as big as two energy bars. As such, it’s guaranteed to fit in every hip bag or pants pocket, keeping the cold at bay when it threatens to seep into your bones. The included warming bag regulates the heat so that it doesn’t get too hot and you don’t scald your fingers. Zippo offer a range of finishes to suit everyone’s taste: high polish chrome, pearl and pink. Ready, set, fire!

Price: $ 19.95

Castle CC Sahmurai

The Castle CC Sahmurai Switch Blade will save your cold ass in the event of a puncture on the trail. With up to 7 different functions, it will help you get back on your bike and safely home. At first glance, the two halves of the tool look like conventional tire levers, but they’re capable of a lot more. The fork tool allows you to insert plugs into the tire and, if the hole isn’t big enough, you can use the reamer on the other half of the tool to enlarge the hole before inserting the plug. There is storage space for a spare set of quick links, and if you connect the two halves of the tool, they function as quick link pliers. Both halves of the Switch Blade feature a chain handling tool to pick up the chain without getting your fingers dirty. If you’ve been counting, you’ll know we’re missing one crucial function. Now you can open your well-deserved post-ride beer with the integrated bottle opener!

Price: n/a

Fixed Gear Coffee

When you finally arrive home, frozen through and on the verge of hypothermia, your whole body will be craving a cup of steaming coffee – preferably freshly ground and brewed. Better yet if the beans come from Brian and Shivani in Holland. The coffee-mad couple behind Fixed Gear Coffee have made it their mission to welcome cyclists from all walks of life, uniting everyone around good coffee, regardless of skill, fitness level, heritage, religion or sexual preferences. Of course, the best way to experience this inclusivity is in one of the two stores in Maastricht or Cauberg, or under the hashtag #coffeebeforecycling on Instagram. If you’re more about the taste, you can have the speciality roast sent directly to your door as whole beans or, to the chagrin of every barista, pre-ground. Even if you’ve got a 12-speed drivetrain with a freehub, you will find a strong community at Fixed Gear Coffee and are guaranteed to be welcomed with open arms!

Price: 36,00 €/kg


The Gibbon GIBOARD offers the perfect way to work out when it gets too uncomfortable outside and your training session must be moved indoors. With the GIBOARD, the company known for its slacklines has come up with a way to bring a slackline into the living room. It’s based on what looks like an oversized skateboard with a short slackline tautly stretched between the two upward curved ends. It allows you to perform several different balancing exercises. If you’ve got a fascia roll lying around, you can even use the GIBOARD as a balance board with the slackline removed. The only limit to the GIBOARD is your own creativity! Stay balanced!
Price: € 189,95

Ubisoft Riders Republic

Have our 5 winter riding products failed to inspire you and you’ve decided to spend the evening on the couch after all? Then take a short detour into the digital world of Riders Republic. In Ubisoft’s latest online multiplayer game, you can see how you stack up against up to 50 other players in various races and competitions that take place in a fictitious, 250 km² world of mountainous terrain inspired by popular US national parks. You can ride the hottest bikes from real-world brands, covering everything from road to downhill. Alternatively, you can also go skiing or snowboarding and even fly in a wingsuit. Riders Republic is available for PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Google Stadia.

Price: from € 59.99

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Words: Julian Schwede & Rudolf Fischer Photos: Manufacturers