Issue #026 Review

The Lab #026: Parts and equipment long term reviews

Cane Creek DB COIL CS

In this day of sub-13 kg enduro bikes, coil suspension has enjoyed a small renaissance. For many, the linear rate and predictable mid-stroke support offered by a coil offsets the increase in weight. The latest shocks like the Cane Creek DB COIL CS feature a climb switch which changes the damping to provide a stable ride for the ascents. The Cane Creek DB COIL CS features twin-tube independent compression and rebound, with two low-speed and two high-speed compression circuits. This means you can tune the shock to your heart’s content, from perfect to abominable. The recommended base tunes are good, and Trev has rarely strayed too far. With the Cane Creek fitted, suspension damping is simply phenomenal: it’s like being velcroed to the floor in corners. The bike stays high in its travel over hard repeated hits and delivers buttery smooth control in every situation. Those who love pop will find the DB COIL holds the bike on the ground too much, but for full throttle grip-and-point crazy lines, no air shock can keep up. After eight months Trev was surprised to see some cosmetic wear on the shock body. However, reliability has been absolute and the CS switch is a tour de force, offering a powerful and efficient climbing platform. The Cane Creek DB COIL CS is sensitive, reliable, and offers sublime performance.


  • Immense control over damping
  • CS switch makes all-day rides easy


  • Too many options for some
Tester: Trev Worsey
Length of testing: 8 months
Weight: 460 g
Price: € 759.99 (without spring)
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