“Talking about “enduro” it’s spontaneous to ask what this sport really is. Lately it’s very common to hear about people that are saying:” I’m doing enduro!” or “Ok, I’m going to change my bike, I’m for an enduro”. At the same time it’s also common to read by the international forum writers that many are interested in the race formula and how a proper enduro race should be. For this discipline this is a glorious period with a massive international attention and it represents indeed a new chapter in the mountain bike history. First in France and after in Italy the things started by an initial competitive spirit that joined togheter with that special feelingof leaving the breakes and beat the clock, as those early pioneers on the Repack nearly 40 years ago. Truly, what is enduro? To introduce the video that anticipate the release of their website here there are the quotes about enduro by the members of the Italian enduro team LIFE CYCLE.

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