Best in test – Bell Super 3R MIPS

The Bell Super series has become the very definition of a removable chin guard helmet, and it’s popularity on the trails is well deserved. Aimed firmly at the rider who wants a nice trail helmet with the option of more protection by quickly adding a chin guard, it’s certainly a well thought out package. With twenty-three vents, the 445 g upper helmet is very comfortable and cool without the chin guard fitted, and with an impressive fifteen colour options you can be sure your colour matching is on point. Fitting the wrap-around chin guard brings the weight up to a competitive 777 g and can be easily done without removing the helmet, taking just 2.28 seconds if you watch the video evidence on their site. Even on very long climbs the Bell remained the coolest in the test. When it comes to the fit, with the chin guard fitted the cheek pads fit quite closely to the face and can be felt while riding, which did not impress all the testers. However, we were very impressed with the Float Fit cradle, which is height adjustable and very comfortable with no hot spots. The chin strap is closed with a simple snap buckle and can be quickly adjusted for a good fit around the ears. A full MIPS liner protects the rider, and the X Static padding is removable for easy washing.

On the trail the face pocket is large and open, giving great peripheral vision, and every pair of goggles we tried worked perfectly (although there is no dedicated strap holder, and we did experience some goggle slippage in heavy rain). Removing and replacing the chin guard takes no time at all, and the large ski-style buckles can be operated without removing gloves. The chin guard is noticeable when fitted, sitting higher than some, and does feel a little restrictive when you are breathing hard up a sprint. The chin guard itself is well made, complete with padding and six vents; however, it does not pass ASTM standards and is the most flexible in the test, as shown by our impact testing. The chin guard did a great job of absorbing impacts, but was not as structurally strong as the best in the test. Those looking for ultimate protection will also notice that the coverage at the back of the head does not go as deep as some of the competition. The Bell Super 3R MIPS was a favourite for testers who would run the helmet mainly in the ‘trail mode,’ fitting the chin guard for extra security on the downs. Our only real frustration is that the wrap-around chin guard is quite large, making it a little tricky to store on the trail.

The Bell Super 3R MIPS is a great helmet for those looking for a truly convertible lid. For riders who will spend most of their time in the ‘trail’ mode, but desire the protection of a chin-guard occasionally, the Bell Super 3R MIPS is light, comfortable, and effortless to convert.


– Feels light and airy on the head
– Conversion works well


– Rear coverage not a good as some
– No ASTM certification

Weight: 777/445 g
Price: € 249
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