Drop bar bikes are completely new territory for the mountain bike specialists at Mondraker. With the DUSTY, the Spanish brand are taking a new direction in 2023, launching their first e-gravel bike. At the same time, they also try to remain true to their downhill genes. We looked into whether they managed to master this balancing act. You can read the full review in the GRAN FONDO magazine.

Mondraker DUSTY XR 2023 | 40 mm (f) | 13.84 kg in size L | € 9,999 | Manufacturer’s website

Anyone visiting the Mondraker factory in Alicante will quickly realize that what the Spaniards are all about are high-performance mountain bikes designed to win races. By now, Mondraker can look back on more than 20 years of racing experience – celebrating several successes and shaping the sport with innovative ideas. For instance, Mondraker lays claim to the idea that led to today’s trend of mountain bikes with a long reach and short stem, calling it FORWARD GEOMETRY. This approach to frame design results in a greater sense of safety on steep downhills, more stability at high speeds, and a more direct steering. Therefore, this technology is used on all Mondraker bikes. Due to the considerable growth of the brand in the mountain bike segment within the last few years, Mondraker now also try to gain a foothold in the drop bar segment – but without abandoning its own roots. Meet the DUSTY, the first interpretation of a drop bar bike by the Spanish mountain bike experts.

True to its name, we rode the DUSTY on the, well, dusty gravel roads and trails around Girona and Alicante and were able to make plenty of uphill and downhill metres. The climbs are much easier with the support of the MAHLE X20. The riding position uphill and on flat terrain is comfortable and not too stretched. Have a look at the full review of the Mondraker DUSTY XR 2023 in our sister magazine GRAN FONDO.

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Words: Jan Richter Photos: Jan Richter, Robin Schmitt