ENDURO’s Most Wanted List: The hottest bikes from 2017

RAAW Madonna

It’s rare that a new player enters the scene and gets it right the first time, but new brand RAAW looks like it has ripped up that thinking – delivering a kick-ass bike straight from the box. The RAAW Madonna is a fire-spitting 160 mm 29er missile for lighting up the world’s toughest trails, we cannot wait to see more on this bike.

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Rocky Mountain Altitude

The smooth and slender lines of the 160/150 mm Rocky Mountain Altitude are reminiscent of an endurance athlete, a bike with the legs to take on any mountain. At just 12.6 kg there is nothing holding you back as you power up and down the hills, intent on head-butting every horizon.

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Santa Cruz Hightower LT

The total package, the real deal. The Santa Cruz Hightower LT is the very definition of the perfect bike. Balanced, playful and fast enough to push your skills to the limit. The 150 mm of travel is so potent and easy to exploit that you will be high-fiving yourself at the bottom of every trail.

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