ENDURO’s Most Wanted List: The hottest bikes from 2017

SCOTT Genius 900 Tuned

We are not sure what the designers at SCOTT have been drinking, but we want some. A rocket both up and down, the new SCOTT Genius 900 Tuned blends a racing pedigree with all-day ease to produce a bike that has it all. With the capability to run 29 or 27.5” wheels and the TwinLoc system, it’s as versatile as it is beautiful.

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Specialized Enduro Coil 29

We all thought that coil suspension was dead but nobody told Specialized – thank heavens. In a twisted display of alchemy, Specialized fused carbon fibre with steel to produce the Enduro Coil 29, a concocted potion of pure capability. If you are pushing the limits of this insane bike, you need to see a doctor as you are clearly mad.

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Trek Fuel EX 9.9 29

The new Trek Fuel EX 29 is like an Audi RS6, subtle, understated but with the performance to turn your eyeballs inside out. With an easy-to-ride persona, you could think it’s just another trail bike, but wind open the throttle and the Fuel EX is a real enduro bike hunter.

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