Issue #030 Review

The Lab #030: MTB parts and equipment long term reviews

HT Components ME05

Magnesium as a novel pedal material or just as a key mineral in our bodies? We know that a lack of magnesium leads to restlessness, anxiety, drops in concentration, fatigue, muscle aches and, potentially, to heart attacks – all elements that chime with us. Take restlessness and anxiety, which stems from the fact that we can’t ride without pedals. Then the other trail riders who fix their gaze on the HT ME05, (particularly the neon yellow model) suffer lapses in concentration, while riders still pedalling away on aluminium or steel flat pedals are the best storytellers about fatigue given the extra bulk on the bikes. So that just leaves us with the heart attack? Well, just consider the price: € 159 minus the titanium axles, € 259 with those bad boys.

A perplexing product, the HT ME05 are let down by exactly what it is that makes them so great. Yes, these are super light pedals with a high quality feel, but they’re as fragile as your great-granny’s hips. As soon as you nick the first rock or catch the pedals on a rock wall in the mountains, then you’ll get acquainted with the softer nature of magnesium – any contact with foreign bodies will most likely end with some scratches (or worse). For smug weight-weenies, scratches might not seem like a big deal when you’re running such lightweight pedals anyway! After all, the grip is outstanding and the dimensions are well dialled for trail and mellow enduro riding. If in any doubt, just stick to good, old aluminium pedals.

  • Low weight
  • A lot of grip
  • Soft material for the body
  • Price

Tester: Valentin
Time on test: 5 months
Weight: 291 g

Price: € 159
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