Many riders now enjoy the extended range and simplicity that 11 speed drivetrains can offer, but many have also been put off by the price of the high end XTR system. Now Shimano is offering that same high performance and technology in the XT drivetrain, with a new wider range cassette, bringing it to a price point that will appeal to many riders.

The new Shimano DEORE XT 8000 will be available in 1×11, 2×11 and 3×11 to appeal to riders from all disciplines of MTB, from XC to DH. The 2×11 and 3×11 will use a 11-40T cassette (£74.99), but the 1×11 drivetrain will get a 11-42T (£79.99) cassette providing the biggest range of ratios that Shimano has offered so far.

Shimano XT 8000--3

DEORE XT 8000 Cranks (£99.99 without rings)

The new DEORE XT 8000 Cranks feature carbon chainrings with metal composite construction to provide long life shifting accuracy. 1×11 fans will get the new tooth profile that uses hooked steel teeth to increase chain retention by 150%. The 2×11 TRUE TRAIL option will feature 34-24T, 36-26T or 38-28T options The new cranks are also available in a wider platform to accommodate the latest 148mm rear hub that Shimano are naming OLD (Overlock Nut Dimension), and will be available with both press fit and standard bottom brackets (which has also been lightened).

Shimano XT 8000-

DEORE XT 8000 Derailleur (£74.99)

The new DEORE XT 8000 rear derailleur features Shimano’s new Shadow RD+ technology, keeping the derailleur out of harm’s way and improving chain retention. The clutch borrowed from the XTR drivetrain is adjustable for either maximum stability or lower shift effort. A taller tooth profile has been used, and the pulleys have been redesigned to improve shifting.

Shimano XT 8000--4

DEORE XT 8000 Shifter (£44.99)

The new DEORE XT 8000 Shifters now feature a long dimpled lever and a new OPTISLICK cable to provide a 20% decrease in shift effort which will go down well with the long distance racers. Shifting is still 2 way multi release and a new indexing mechanism promises improved accuracy.

Shimano XT 8000--5

DEORE XT Disk Brakes (£99.99 per brake)

The ever popular XT disk brakes have also been revised, with the new DEORE XT 8000’s featuring a lighter, cleaner and more durable integrated master cylinder, freeing up more space on the bar and giving a cleaner look. Shimano have also made some changes to the servo wave to provide more feel and feedback.

Shimano XT 8000--2

DEORE XT Wheel Sets (£174.99 front 194.99 rear)

In vogue with the current trends, the new Shimano DEORE XT 8000 wheels will be lighter and wider. Available in two options, the DEORE XT Race and DEORE XT Trail, featuring 20mm and 24mm internal widths respectively, providing a wider platform while saving 40 grams over the previous models.

Shimano XT 8000--9

We look forward to getting some drivetrains in for test soon and will be reporting back on whether the new DEORE XT 8000 impress on the trail as well as the wallet.

Words: Trev Worsey and Shimano PR Photos: Shimano PR

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