Today is the second video of the “Restore/ Rebuild” series. In this video, we “move up the chain.” Now we’ll teach you how to do self-therapy from the ankle-up to the knee, and from the hip-down to the knee. Remember that the ankle and hip need mobility to perform at their best and the knee needs mostly stability, (which will give some tips for in video #6).

These techniques of self-therapy will help you clear up any nagging tissue issues you may have as well as providing some nice gains in mobility and flexibility.

Here’s what you have to look forward in this video series designed to give you the tools to help your body recover from injury and to be a performance enhancer to your riding and racing:

Video #1- Rebuild, Restore: Lower leg self therapy fixes
Video #3- Got tight hips, or lower back, try these out to improve your riding!
Video #4- Get better shoulder function for riding – the shoulder girdle
Video #5- Get better shoulder function for riding- the rotator cuff
Video #6- Let’s bring it all together! Watch This 8 Exercise Stability Workout for better balance, strength and injury prevention.

Remember, with each of these videos you will learn how the body part works, potential causes of mountain biking dysfunction and pain, and self-therapy techniques you can apply to yourself to help with old (or new) injuries.

Words: Dee Tidwell- Owner of

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