Life is about challenges and exploring new ways. Why mountain biking should not be the same? Follow Tito Tomasi and get a ticket for adventure, in life as an artist and on the bike as reporter and bike explorer.

Tito is a 29 years old french mountain biker. 18 years of riding, former enduro pro rider level, finally he stopped racing. His inspiration comes from art, travels and surf. After two years on the road, he decided to bring the surf travel spirit to mtb. Today his bet is no longer a dream but the reality. He lives in the Alps but as a bike traveller he is hard to catch, hopefully for us, he decided to make the most of his chance. So he is editing web episode, print and web report. And this year an international publishing company came to him with an offer. In October his first book will comes out. A personal achievement but also a true challenge. The book will be mainly made of paintings and sketches.


His EpicTv web serie, ONE WORLD ONE LOVE, is about bike trips, Nicaragua, Cabo Verde, Indonesia, Spain, … and in July a secret destination. However Tito believes that travelling is not always going to the other side of the world. That’s why Tito like to go on local adventures like the tour du Mt Blanc, Winter and Summer times in Savoy, Basque country, Verdon and Riviera. Tavelling as a state of mind.


In his latest episode « Savoy Winter Lines », Tito explores the relation between art and mountain riding in his everyday life. Discover what inspires his art and what inspires his riding addiction. His art is unique, made of his own graphic language, code and inspiration. Believing that mountain biking got its personality Tito uses a mellow and flowy esthetical philosophy. Far from lightening, flames, dice and and agressive letters moto style, his art tells a story. Riding an element we all love and respect, the people we share with it. Tito wants a living and simple art.
In the episode you can see the different steps of his work, his skills and desterity. But also his way to enjoy Savoy in winter. He might comes to you later with a special summer episode too.


Tito is followed by Lapierre cycles, Mavic, Sram, Urge bike and Posca.

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