Fox seized Sea Otter 2015 as their opportunity to present the new Float X2 shocks to the public. A concept designed for enduro and downhill racing, it essentially offers eternal adjustment settings with high and low-speed compression and rebound damping.

FOX präsentierte den neu entwickelten Float X2 auf dem Sea Otter Festival.
FOX presented their newly developed Float X2 at this year’s Sea Otter Festival.

For the 2016 season FOX Racing Shox haven’t just given their whole product palette a complete overhaul, but the suspension specialists have also brought a brand new air shock to market in the form of the Float X2 shock, which comes equipped with FOX’s latest and most advanced damping technology.

Das neue Dämpfungssystem mit RVS - hier beispielhaft im Downhillpendant, dem DHX2
The new RVS damping system– shown here in the steel spring variant, the DHX2

The Float X2 has four independent damping circuits, which enable separate settings for both high and low speed compression as well as high and low speed rebound. The transition between low and high-speed damping should now be smoother thanks to their new innovation: the RVS, Rod Valve System. The result is a quieter and more effective ride.

Eine vergrößerte Luftkammer soll das Ansprechverhalten optimieren.
The larger air chamber should optimize responsiveness.

What’s more, the negative air chamber is now bigger than its predecessor, resulting in minimum break-away torque, which means the shock absorbs small bumps and vibrations better and more effectively. This also means the shock provides more support in the mid-travel range, so bottoming-out is prevented and traction improved.

Natürlich kommt der Float X2 mit der bewährten Kashima-Beschichtung.
The Float X2 naturally comes with the well-known Kashima coating.

Neben den Neuentwicklungen hat FOX auch bewährte Technologien nicht außer Acht gelassen und der Kolbenstange des Float X2 die bereits bewährte Kashima-Beschichtung verpasst, um die Reibung zu minimieren und die Oberfläche so haltbar wie möglich zu machen.

Alongside these new developments, FOX stayed true to their proven technologies and coated the piston rod with their Kashima coating, which reduces friction and protects the surface.

The shock enters shops in the 2016 model with the following build lengths: 7.785″x2.0″, 7.875″x2.25″, 8.5″x2.5″, 8.75″x2.75″, 9.0″x3.0″, 10.5″x3.5″

Words: Martin Stöckl Photos: Robin Schmitt

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