At the Bike Festival in Riva we not only discovered the prototype of the 2015 Rose Uncle Jimbo, we also spotted the new Rose Root Miller prototype. With 130 millimeters of travel and big 29 inch wheels, it is very interesting for aggressive trail riders. The bike is probably targeted for the 2015 model year, before release the Rose Root Miller will get new hydroformed tubes and an aggressive geometry.

Das neue Rose Root Miller mit 29" großen Rädern und 130mm Federweg am Heck und 140mm an der Front.
The new root Rose Miller stays on 29″ wheels and has 130 millimeters of travel at the rear and 140 millimeters on the front.
Interne Kabelführung für einen edlen und cleanen Look.
The internal cable routing ensures a nice and clean look.
Neben einem Umwerfer kann man auch eine Sattelstütze mit internem Zug montieren.
In addition to a front derailleur, a seat post with internal cable routing can also be mounted.
Vorne federt eine 140mm Rock Show pike, hinten ein passender Monarch Plus RC3.
At the front, a 140mm RockShox Pike handles the suspension, on the rear is a matching Monarch Plus RC3 shock.
Zeigt die abfahrtsorientierte Ausrichtung: Ein Rock Shox Monarch Plus RC3.
The RockShox Monarch Plus RC3 damper is perfectly suitable for the intended use – aggressive trail riding.
Die Eckdaten: 29" und 130mm Federweg.
The key data for the bike is written with permanent marker on the top tube: 29″ wheels and 130 millimeters of travel.
2x10 Antrieb und ein Horst-Link Hinterbau.
The prototype looks already pretty close to a production bike. Rose uses a four-pivot system with horst link at the Root Miller.
Eine schaltbare Kettenführung zeigt den aggressiven Anspruch.
With installed 2×10 drivetrain, a shiftable chain guide provides the security for the chain.
Wir sind sehr gespannt auf die ersten Fahreindrücke!
A trail bike we like, we are looking forward to a first riding impression!

For more information about Rose and the Root Miller visit:

Words: Sebastian Gierulski | Pictures: Robin Schmitt

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