2014 was a blast! Awesome products hit the market, countless races were ridden and good times were had! ENDURO was right in the middle of it all and covered all the important stories. After our editor’s named their favorite stories and productions, it’s time to have a closer look at our websites statistics to find out which stories excited you the most, and gained the most traffic. These are the Top 10 most read articles of 2014!

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1. The Introduction of the Canyon Strive CF with Shapeshifter Technology

Undoubtedly Canyons Shapeshifter Technology was one of the greatest innovations of 2014. Enabling the rider to switch the bikes geometry, suspension characteristics and the amount of travel mid-ride, it’s a true genius invention. We reported live from the launch and you guys made the article go viral fast!

The Canyon Strive was one of the most anticipated bikes of 2014 - and top traffic magnet on our website!
The Canyon Strive was one of the most anticipated bikes of 2014 – and top traffic magnet on our website!

2. Specialized Lineup 2015

While the German brand Canyon just started to take on international markets, Specialized has been a global player for years. So it’s not a big surprise, to find our report about their new 2015 line-up among the most read articles.

Specialized Bikes 2015
Check out the Specialized LineUp for 2015 here.

3. YT Industries unveils all-new Carbon Enduro Bike: The Capra

With its all new Capra, German brand YT Industries hit the market with a real banger! The lightweight, and simply beautiful 27,5″ enduro bike generated a lot of attention when it was introduced in February. And so did the article on it – a solid third place in this ranking!

A racers dream for 3.999 Euros? - The YT Industries Capra Pro
A racers dream for 3.999 Euros? – The YT Industries Capra Pro

4. ENDURO Reader’s Survey

That’s a forth place we’re really happy with! With more than 10,000 participants, our first reader’s Survey was a huge success! By now, all winners have their prizes and we’re just about to present you the exciting results in the next issue of ENDURO – stay tuned!


5. Specialized Stumpjumper

Oops! Someone forgot to lock up his bike shed, so we used the chance to sneak in and take some spyshots of the all-new Specialized Stumpjumper FSR 27,5″ – in the process we had to tazer two security guards and drug a Rotweiler. OK, this story might not be totally true (or is it!?), but the fact is we got the pictures and they went viral. Fifth Place!


Guess how long it took after publishing this picture until someone from Specialized rang us!

6. Rose 2015 Line Up

Wow, looking through this list, it seems things went well for German manufacturers this year, the 2015 range from Rose bikes made it in here too! And rightly so, as the new line up marks a big step forward for the brand!

Rose Uncle Jimbo 3 2015
Rose Uncle Jimbo 3 2015

7. The Infinity Pedal in Kickstarter

Great seeing this one here, as it is a sign that you guys love new technologies as much as we do. The Infinity Pedal surprised all of us with its super-clean and design different to all other pedals on the market. Funding was successful and the first Infinity pedals are going to be shipped in January – we’ll get our hands on them as soon as possible!


This new-thought pedals got quite some attention during its crowdfunding campaign

8. How to: A Quick Post Ride Suspension Service

Apparently, you guys love and respect your bikes (as you should!), otherwise this how to article wouldn’t have made it in this ranking. While we’re at it, when was the last time you cleaned your suspension? Anyway, here’s how you do it!

Fahrwerkspflege Enduro Magazine (4 von 7)

With only five minutes of effort, you can keep up the performance of your suspension for a long time!

9. Giant News 2015

Another giant made it to the list (no pun intended!). All the facts, all the 2015 bikes. Still worth a look!


10. First Ride: Rockshox Monarch & Monarch Plus DebonAir 2015

Last but not least, you really liked the article about the Debonair update, SRAM introduced for their rear shox in April. The live coverage from the Launch at the SRAM trailhouse event in Moab is still worth a read, as its filled with interesting technical information.

Rockshox Monarch plus debon air debonair rock shox rear shock_-8

Not the average insight in your rear shock – check out the article for more information!

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