To buy or not to buy? That is the question we all ask ourselves before splashing out on new gear, but before you click ‘add to basket’ or hand over that cash you need to know that what you’re buying is actually worth the money! Our test team have been busy hitting the trails testing out some of the the latest products, separating the good from the bad – so you don’t have to!

This week we bring you a review of the Joe Blow Booster pump, a great solution for those who struggle to seat tubeless tyres. We also check out the Giro Chamber, a shoe that blends casual styling with high performance – but does the durability match the good looks. Finally we check out some new female specific clothing from Local Outerwear.

Topeak Joe Blow Booster Track Pump

Unless you have arms like Popeye, you have probably struggled at some point when pumping up tubeless tyres, however, Topeak claim to have the solution!

Die JoeBlow Booster-Pumpe ist eine hervorragende Wahl zur Montage von Tubeless-Reifen.
The Joe Blow Booster Pump is a great choice to set up your tires tubeless.

The Topeak Joe Blow Booster is just like a normal track pump but has an additional 1 L high pressure reservoir that can be pumped up to 160 psi, which according to my high school maths is around 10 L of air (at normal atmospheric pressure). To inflate the tyre simply turn the chunky and ergonomic control knob to CHARGE and pump leisurely (about 30 seconds) to charge the reservoir to 160 psi. Once you are ready, attach the pump to the tyre and turn the control knob to INFLATE. All 160 psi is released in a fast but controlled fashion (though not as powerful as the team favourite Airshot) and rapidly pops the tyre onto the bead, magic. You can then use the pump as a regular track pump to perfect the pressure without removing from the valve.

We like the smooth air delivery and the fact that the pump seems to works happily without taking the valve core out. Our only complaint is that the air delivery is a little slow and when one tyre resisted we had to resort to a compressor, but in most cases the Joe Blow has worked out just fine. The pump itself feels heavy and built to last and the burly controls look like they will survive abuse from even the most ham fisted of mechanics. We like the clear pressure dial that works on both MTB and road tyres, and the neat pressure release valve for quick adjustments. You do have to be a little careful with the pump head as it can slip back and bend the valve core if not properly connected, and it’s quite a weighty beast for transporting around (though far lighter than a compressor).

Wir empfanden das Manometer als präzise, allerdings erschwert der große Anzeigebereich die Feinanpassung.
We found the gauge accurate in use, but the large range makes precise adjustments difficult.

The Topeak Joe Blow Booster is an amazing buy if you are a racer, home mechanic or just hate putting tubeless tyres on.. It’s an invaluable piece of kit for any workshop. However, if you already have a track pump the cheaper Airshot is more powerful.

Price: € 150
Weight: 2.900 g
More information: Topeak Website