The rain turned the show into an epic event – Guadarrama and more specifically its beautiful natural environment La Jarosa at the foot of the Natural Park of the Guadarrama mountains, flanked by El Escorial and with wonderful views of almost the entire community of Madrid and especially the skyline of the capital of Spain were the spot choose by Endurama for its 3er round.

On Saturday, the fear was focused on the special 4 for the “pro” and long pedaling of Special 1 and 3 to the “no stress”. The Stage 4 had a terrible firewall, but step by step were getting a clear clean line, besides being a special of more than 9 minutes. With cycling, climbs, technical steps, etc. thanks to a rise 1h and 30 min long after more than 1500 meters accumulated. for a total of 1950 and 42 kms. All of this was forgotten when at 5 am started to rain that accompanied riders throughout the morning, none of this daunted pilots and nearly 200 riders took the start from the city of Guadarrama. If the complete race was not hard enough, rain further complicated participants and from the S 3 and S 4 turned torrential, seeing riders climb concentrates with rain on their helmets was an epic image. All undoubtedly they considered this race as the toughest of his life, taking away all good memories, despite the cold and some other “touch-grounds”.

In sporting terms, spectacular win of Mondraker pilot and local Juan Matos, many candidates to victory as Arriola, Rafa Molina or current Enduram leader were out of podium, so we got new podium, with Juan Bravo (Giant-Golpe de Pedal) in 2nd place and Nicolas Garcia (Niki) in 3rd position Canyon-Ozone team.

The “desestresados” got very goos souvenirs from Guadarrama, many histories to tell, as they finished a very high percentage and with few timming penalties, demonstrating that the category of initiation also has its place in Endurama. The trio of podium was for: Antonio Ramos Muñoz, Rodrigo Mut and Javier Gonzalez.

Words: Press Release Endurama

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