HEIDELBERG-ENDURO-MTB from Stormingdesign on Vimeo.

Schon lange war Enduro unsere tagtägliche Dosis Natur, Spaß und Action. Wie dieses Video aus Heidelberg (mit bislang unveröffentlichtem Material) von 2011 zeigt… Viel Spaß
Artdirector: Marvin Kirchner
Director of Photgraphy: Marvin Kirchner & Johann Dick
Co. Producer: Stormingdesign Werbeagentur GmbH
Rider: Robin Schmitt
Location: Heidelberg, Germany
VISIT VEGA: myspace.com/djvegamusic
The future of mountainbiking: as a sport and race category, enduro is the most current form of mountain biking. … Unless, of course, it stands for the original idea of biking – two-wheeled chaos and good times with your best buddies, all through your own pedal power. Enduro features a variety of stories as broad as the sport itself, and goes even beyond to explore issues of philosophy, design, and beauty. Authentic, aesthetic, & open-minded describes our approach to our love and its literal expression: Enduro Mountainbike Magazine.




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