The Pinion gear experts have extended their model range with three lighter models with less gears. While the P1.9 CR is meant for urban use, the P1.12 and P1.9 XR models are exciting candidates for mountainbike usage.

Pinion auf der Eurobike 2014
Pinion at Eurobike 2014

If one of you followed last year’s long-term test of the Alutech Fanes with Pinion P1.18 drive, you will remember: the tester recommended less gears, but was satisfied with the overall performance of the made-in-Germany gearbox. Pinion followed his advice and now offers three gearboxes with less gears. Mountainbikers will be especially interested in the P.1.12 and the P1.9 XR, the P1.9 CR is better off in flat urban areas because of its small overall gear range.

Für 2015 bietet Pinion ihre Getriebebox auch mit weniger Gängen.
One cannot notice the difference from the outside, but Pinion will offer its gear box with less gears in 2015.

Pinion P1.12

Experience shows, that one doesn’t need precice gear steps as offered with the P1.18. This is the reason why only the P1.12 is being introduced: 600% overall ratio and gear steps of 17,7% can be found where one would usualy expect 2×10 drive. In comparisson to the P1.18 (634% overall ratio, 11,5% gear steps), the P1.12 saves 350g of weight.

Der Gangwechsel wird weiterhin auch per Drehgriff gesteuert.
The gears are still changed with the help of a grip shift.

Pinion P1.9 XR

Definitely the most exciting news for trail and gear friends. The XR stands for “Extended ratio” you get what it says on the tin: the P1.9 XR has an overall range of 568 % spread over nine gears (the SRAM XX1 has 420% in comparisson). The weight lies by 2200g and therefore 500g less than the P.1.18.. This is exactly what we wanted during the long-term test.

Der Pinion-Antrieb wird auch mit Riemenantrieb angeboten
The Pinion drive will be offered with belt drive.

All new boxes use the new frame connection, but models such as the P1.18, will be only delivered to bike manufacturers – a self build kit for regular customers is not yet planned.

Sexy Technik aus Deutschland - das Pinion Getriebe
Sexy Tech from Germany – the Pinion gear box


Pinion gearbox technology functions on the basis of spur gearing with two gearing sub-units connected on the output end. The combination of both gearing sub-units with their different gear pairs generates the individual gears. These are spaced in even gearshift steps.

More information: The full introduction to the gear principle as well as the long term test updates of the Alutech Fanes with Pinion: can be read here.

Text: Aaron Steinke Photos: Klaus Kneist

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