SOURCE Hydration Belt review


Jim has been using the Source Hipster Hydration Belt for several months now and has become very attached to it indeed! Having used it in its full form with the adjustable shoulder straps for some time, Jim has now chosen to run this waist pack without the upper body support, opting for it to be clamped around his waist only. Having run so many different types of backpacks in the past, Jim has now fully switched to this (much comfier) waist pack for most big days out (unless he needs to carry much more kit). There is enough room in the mesh side pockets for energy bars, gels, and a trail tool, plus a tube can be squeezed into the central pocket and a waterproof can be held in the outer small bungee cord straps. The easy-fill and easy-clip hydration bladder is enough for most days on the bike, holding 1.8 litres of fluid. The bite valve works really well, and with a clip-on magnet it can either be fitted to the shoulder straps or around the belt itself – although whilst racing, Jim choses to tuck the pipe behind the belt to avoid the occasional magnet fail where the pipe can become detached at the drinking end and hang down! The central buckle has never failed to hold the pack onto his waist, and it only suffers from up and down movement when the bladder is full, or hitting the gnarliest of steep trails. Jim now opts to use this pack over any other backpack-style hydration unit, a testament to the pack’s extreme comfort and freedom of upper body movement.

Pack-6-2 Pack-9-2

Tester: Jim
Weight: 465 g
Duration: four months
Price: € 79
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