Topeak Mini 18+ review


A spare tube and pump are essentials on any ride, but you’d get nowhere without a decent multi-tool. Investing in a good one will see it keep you company for a lot longer than your current bike – as our online editor Moritz can attest to. Even after eight years, he is still just as taken with the Topeak Mini 18+ (the predecessor of our test winner, the Mini 20 Pro). The Mini 18+ ticks all the boxes for multi-tools: small, robust, reliable, and supplied with all the potentially useful Allen keys from 2–10mm, a T25 key, as well as a Phillips and flat-head screwdriver. Plus, the build quality is sky-high, which is surely proven by its past eight years of reliability. The clever chain tool is so good that it made the extra one in the shed redundant, as the Mini 18+ has been able to consistently step up to the game. It also doubles as a spoke wrench, is able to open brake pads, and tightens other tools. Moritz prefers to use plastic tire levers, and thus admits that he hasn’t actually tried Topeak’s steel one that comes on this tool. In short, the Mini 18+ has been a trusted companion and got Moritz out of many prickly trail-related issues – so trusted, in fact, that he’d never leave for a ride without it. And if there’s nothing that needs a quick screw, then there’s a handy bottle opener for a post-ride beer. Cheers to that!

Topeak-Mini-18+-The-Lab-Test-Review-3-2 Topeak-Mini-18+-The-Lab-Test-Review-2-2

Tester: Moritz
Duration: eight years
Price: € 29,95
More information:

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