Best in test – Lupine Piko R 4 SC

Lupine Piko R 4 SC: small, elegant, light and bright – our top choice!

We included the Lupine Piko R 4 SC in our previous helmet lamp comparison, and already then it wholly convinced us. The revised model of the same name confirms that Lupine could improve an already good product. The output was increased to 1800 lm, and they’ve improved the way the light is spread – even more suitable for fast as well as winding trail passages.

The Piko convinces with an even spread of light.

The revised bracket can be easily attached to a helmet – we like! Simply thread the velcro strap of the bracket through the ventilation ports of the helmet, tighten it and voila! The 65 g lamp can now be clipped to the helmet. Thanks to an additional battery holder, you can clip the 135 g, 3.3 Ah lithium-ion battery to the helmet as well. If you prefer not to, you can store the battery in your backpack as usual and connect it to the light with the provided extension cable. Also, there are five red LEDs on the battery that indicate the charge level, which could also function as a makeshift taillight. Since the lamp has Bluetooth connectivity, you can operate the Piko with a supplied Bluetooth remote from the handlebar.

Attaching the helmet clip is simple and effective.
You’ll barely notice the low-profile bracket without the Lupine Piko attached.

If you want to go even deeper into light management, you can download the Lupine Light Control smartphone app for iOS and Android. With it, you can not only individually adjust the lighting levels, but also add special features such as the alpine distress signal. The app provides a lot of additional information, like the current energy consumption, voltage, temperature and the Bluetooth signal strength.

The red LEDs on the battery also serve as a (makeshift) taillight.

Armed with all these features, we headed out on the first night ride. Only a few meters in, the Lupine impressed us like no other lamp we tested. The weight of the lamp is barely noticeable on the helmet. The bracket doesn’t wobble, and the long range and wide illumination of the light is evenly spread and well defined.

There was one drawback: since its update, the output of the Lupine Piko increased by 200 lm, but at the cost of battery life which at full power has fallen by 30 minutes in comparison to its predecessor. However, If you feel that the runtime of 1.25 hours is not enough, the Piko can also be ordered with a bigger 6.6 Ah battery. Although the price tag of € 350 is high, regarding quality there is no comparable helmet lamp in this category.


Even more lumen, high-quality workmanship as usual and minimal weight: the revised Piko convinced us in every aspect. Improved illumination, smart Bluetooth connectivity and the broad multi-sport application have made it even better – in our opinion it’s the best helmet lamp on the market. Our editor’s choice!

Output 1,800 lm
Battery 3.3 Ah
Price 350 €
Battery life (max. output) 1:15 h
Weight Lamp including lamp and battery holder and Bluetooth remote 210 g

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+ high-quality workmanship
+ lightest lamp in test
+ minimalistic and innovative (Bluetooth switch, app, individual mounts)

– short battery life