SIGMA Buster 2000 HL

The SIGMA Buster 2000 HL comes with a powerful battery and a remote control.

We’ve previously done an in-depth review of the SIGMA Buster 2000 HL which highlighted the incredible value for money it offers. After all, it’s not often you get a 105 g lamp with 2000 lm of output for just € 199.90! The package includes a powerful 6.5 Ah battery, a Bluetooth remote control for the handlebar, a USB charging port and many different mounts for attaching the lamp. In our review, only the helmet lamp by Magicshine could surpass the Sigma.

Great illumination thanks to the 2000 lm output.

We don’t recommend mounting of the battery on your helmet due to the weight (351 g), so it’s a good thing the extension cable allows you to store it in your backpack. Compared to the other lights we reviewed, the beam range and illumination stretches far and wide. Comparing it with other lamps from higher price segments (€ 300 and up), one quickly realises that the SIGMA Buster 2000 HL can easily compete.

Power 2,000 lm
Battery 6.5 Ah
Price € 199.95
Battery life (max. output) 2:30 h
Weight Light, battery, helmet mount, remote control 487 g

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+ powerful battery with USB charging port
+ great value for money
+ Bluetooth remote control

– unnecessarily amount of lighting modes (7)
– heavy battery