BMC Smart Trailsync seatpost teamed with true Swiss quality

A rapid-fire trail bike with smart features: the Speedfox 01 retails at € 6,999.

The new BMC Speedfox has a real USP this time around, seeing the Swiss brand go one step further than the rest of the world by syncing the rear shock with the seat post height. Once you drop your seat post, the rear shock’s damping rate changes for downhill riding. Extend the seat post and the rear shock changes to climbing mode. Pretty clever! BMC claim it majorly elevates the efficiency of this 120 mm travel trail bike, allowing the rider to concentrate exclusively on the trail. The Speedfox drops in four sizes. The size small frame rolls on 27.5″ wheels, while the medium can be ridden with either 27.5″ or 29″ hoops and the size large exclusively comes as a 29er. On paper the Speedfox looks like it has fairly moderate geometry, veering away from extreme descending in our eyes. But if you’re looking for a good-natured, ultra efficient bike for popping around turns and picking up the pace then the Speedfox could be the ultimate companion for long days in the saddle. We’re looking forward to testing its mettle.

The new Speedfox relies on BMC’s tried and tested APS rear end design.
There’s 120 mm of drop on BMC’s own dropper post, which syncs with the rear shock to work in unison.
Swiss quality: certain frame details that leave us swooning.
The remote lever controls the drop of the dropper post, which works in unison with the rear shock’s damping for climbing or descending.
The dropper post has two optional seat clamp lengths: 7 or. 3.5 cm.
The seat post works mechanically with a pin that locks into one of the three positions.

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