MrWolf Banger anti-flat system

Anyone who’s seen Pulp Fiction will recognize that Mr. Wolf can solve problems – hence the name of this brand, who claim to have developed a genuine problem solver with their Banger system. It’s a techno-polymer that you basically insert into your tire but unlike other systems the Banger ends up reducing the volume of the air by 95%. It promises to increase puncture resistance, reduce the risk of burping and boost traction and comfort. It all sounds so good that we’re stoked to see how it’s going to work.

X-Fusion Sweep

X-Fusion’s Sweep forks have adopted a wider Boost casting for the new season, which also offers clearance for plus-size tires. With 34 mm stanchions and 120,140 or 160 m suspension, these forks are mainly targeted at trail riders. Spanning the whole X-Fusion line-up, the new black finish gives the forks some real panache.