Park Tool PRS-25 Team Issue Repair Stand

Sure the PRS-25 is not the most compact stand in our test and is also the most expensive one. But at the same time these are the only two negative aspects about it. Thanks to the special hex-shaped aluminium tubing the Park Tool proved the most stable stand in our test despite its light weight. This puts it right at the top of our test field together with the much heavier stand from Pedros. The quick release handle operates swiftly with a comfortable grip and precise handling. The overall construction of the stand is superb and lives up to the “Team Issue” name. A true and reliable working companion, this stand will serve you well for many years. A plastic plate located on the arm of the stand allows you to hang a bike scratch-free from its saddle. There are also two mounting points for a tool tray or a paper roll holder. In short the PRS-25 is the most stable and comfortable mounting stand there is on the market. Because of its dimensions and the hefty price tag we would rather recommend it for the enthusiast’s basement workshop.

  • Super stable
  • Light and stiff hex-shaped aluminium tubing
  • Fast, outstanding head clamp
  • Big packing size
  • Expensive

Price: € 439.99
Weight: 5.96 kg
Extras: Good accessories-range