Feedback Sports Sport-Mechanic

The Sport Mechanic is missing both the great looks and the clever quick-release clamp of its fancier metallic-red brother. Instead it has to settle for a more basic look and a simpler spinner knob clamp. The opening and closing of the clamp require some patience and you’ll probably end up holding up your bike with the other hand the whole time – not a great start. To cut production costs even more the stylish metal quick-release clamps where replaced with conventional plastic knobs. However these work perfectly fine and are no less comfortable than the fancy clamp-version. Despite being identical to the Pro Elite the rear clamp of the Sport Mechanic tends to twist under heavy loads and needs to be secured tightly. Surprisingly the tubing appears to be a lot more stable despite its lower load rating. All this makes the Feedback Sport Mechanic a robust and compact (when collapsed) work-stand at a reasonable price… unfortunately at the expense of comfort.

  • Compact
  • Good price for the quality
  • Head clamp operational comfort

Price: € 169.90
Weight: 5.72 kg