Topeak Prep Stand Pro

The Topeak Prep Stand has been around since 2004. Since then it has been revised a few times and the latest update finally includes a fold-out handle that tightens the clamp. Unfortunately the handle is stiff and tricky to operate at times especially because of its rather un-ergonomically forward-pointing orientation. This interferes considerably with the clamping action and sometimes you’ll end up turning the whole stand around when cranking the handle – not an ideal situation when you have to hold a heavy bike in your other hand. The construction and finish are generally good, all quick-release clamps are made of robust metal and the single parts are bolted together. Unfortunately a lack of stiffness spoils the overall good impression. Despite its massive construction the main connector between the legs and the central column is rather flimsy. Luckily this doesn’t affect the long term durability of the work-stand – we owned the previous model for years and used it has been used and abused in our workshop without the slightest problem. The Pro-Version includes an integrated scale. We honestly don’t see the point in this for a private use. We wouldn’t necessarily spend the extra € 60 especially considering that the Elite version features a way more useful small parts-tray. All in all a durable, inconspicuous work-stand which unfortunately isn’t too user-friendly.

  • Very good quality and finish
  • Entirely bolted
  • Long-term durability
  • Head clamp is flimsy and slow despite the crank handle
  • Main column and connection-triangle aren’t stiff enough for the weight of an E-MTBs
  • Longest packing size

Price: € 329.95
Weight: 6.56 kg
Additional: includes carrying bag