It’s that time of the year again, the products for the new season are presented at the EUROBIKE 2017. Although many well-known manufacturers are no longer represented at the fair, the EUROBIKE remains one of the most important appointments in the bike sector, with 1.400 exhibitors flooding in from all around the world. We are obviously here to show you the most important highlights from the show.

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Continental: Modern classics

We have been waiting for something new for some time from Continental, rather than bring out a new tire, they have revised some old classics. The Mountain King, Trail King and Baron Projekt have all received attention, boasting new widths and tread patterns. Unlike many brands, Continental have standardised the carcass size between all models, so a 2.4” Barron will be the same as a 2.4” Trail King, simple.

The new Mountain King is target as a all-round trail tire.
The new Continental Trail King features more aggressive side tread for maximum cornering fun.
The Baron Projekt 2.6 brings a more aggressive tread pattern to the 2.6” format.

The new Mountain King is targeted as an all-round trail tire, and has grown from 2.2” to a 2.3” carcass (with a Plus option available), and has a more aggressive tread pattern than the previous version. For those looking for a more aggressive tire, the new Trail King model is Continentals hard-hitting trail tire, available in 2.2, 2.4 and 2.6” carcasses. With a more aggressive shoulder tread the tire has more bite when leant over, however the centre tread has remained unchanged as Continental were happy with the braking traction and acceleration. The last tire to receive an update is the Baron Projekt, now in a wider 2.6” plus version with a Protection Apex sidewall for those looking to go wider without sacrificing grip. Prices and weights are still top secret but stock should be available in spring of 2018.

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