The premiere of the film “Path Finder” – Polish mountain bikers in search of the most beautiful trails in the wild mountains of Europe.

On February 28, 2015, in Cracow cinema Kijów.Centrum a premiere of Polish film “Path Finder” will take place. The film presents the adventures of old enduro stagers – Mariusz Bryja and Tomek Dębiec, who will take you on a journey into the wildest mountains of Europe. “Path Finder” visited the Polish Bieszczady Mountains, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.

Enduro is a type of mountain biking, which is increasingly associated with the competition, but the characters of “Path Finder” remind us that it is primarily an adventure involving driving satisfaction in a beautiful area, the exploration of the area and the emotions that are associated with discovering new paths and landscapes.

Mariusz Bryja and Tomek Dębiec, the duo of Polish cyclists who stand behind a very well-received film “Enduro Me” (2011), decided to once again raise the film crew and go in search of the most interesting places to ride bikes.

The two characters of the film are multi-medalists in the discipline of enduro competition, having exceptional skills in setting and overcoming downhill biking in the wild mountainous terrain. As part of filming the movie “Path Finder” they set the goal to go on top of a very wild and rarely visited by people mountains. Thus, the choice fell on the Polish Bieszczady mountains, mountains of Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the stunning Croatian coast.

During filming, ASF Studio crew made every effort that the film in the visual sphere did not deviate from the global production of this type. We’ll see landscapes brilliantly captured, aerial shots and amazing close-ups showing the smallest details. Giant screen of Kijów.Centrum cinema will allow viewers to fully appreciate the art of film-makers, skills of film characters and to find yourself in the heart of the action.
The film “Path Finder” is definitely one of the strongest Polish film proposals addressed to the action sports enthusiasts!

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