The best MTB mini pump you can buy

Topeak Race Rocket MT Review


Despite being the smallest and most lightweight pump on test, the Topeak Race Rocket MT has the chunkiest diameter with its rubber grip. There’s a flexible hose fixed to the pump – handy, if you’re prone to losing things. Switching from presta to Schrader is easy (even if you’ve got numb fingers) and it connects well.

minipumpen-shootout-topeak-race-rocket-mt-2 minipumpen-shootout-topeak-race-rocket-mt-4

Flaunting a brash gold design, the pump looks great, but the overall impression suffers as the text branding rubbed off in a really short time. But superficial design woes aside and even with its compact size, the Race Rocket MT performs really well and is worth considering by anyone who specifically wants a mini-mini-pump.

Price: € 34.95
Weight: 126 g
Strokes to reach 2.0 bar: 225
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