The best MTB mini pump you can buy



Despite SKS’ declaration about their SPAERO DOUBLE ACTION that “there is no better pump!” we’re going to have to negate their claim. The manufacturing is quite basic and the details don’t seem that well thought-through. The cover for the integrated flexible hose kept popping off, which means the level of protection from dirt is minimal. There’s also a lot of play in the cylinder, which means it can tilt while you’re pumping, seeing it sometimes get caught on the body.

minipumpen-shootout-sks-spaero-double-action-100 minipumpen-shootout-sks-spaero-double-action-2

We’re huge fans of the handle extension though, which gives you more purchase. It’s a great design and creates a T-grip so makes each stroke easier. The actual performance of the SKS SPAERO DOUBLE ACTION isn’t quite as breathtaking, but it’s definitely adequate. But with a € 40 price tag, we’d have expected both better manufacturing and a higher performance.

Price: € 39.99
Weight: 160 g
Strokes to reach 2.0 bar: 260
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