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Park Tool PMP-4 Review


Park Tool have one of the most indomitable reputations on the scene for their high quality and pretty pricey tools. But strangely, a quick look at our paperwork shows that the Park Tool PMP-4 is the cheapest pump on test at € 22.95. However, every cutback is visible in the quality of the production and the materials they chose; it’s mainly fairly cheap-looking plastic. The piston is wobbly and doesn’t lend itself to trust. But on the upside: the fold-out grip is comfortable to use, and it’s quite light given the use of plastic.

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Unlike the rest of the test fleet, switching between presta and Schrader valves is anything but simple, so don’t expect much success with cold fingers. The pump’s performance is decent and gets the job done, although we would have expected a much higher performance based on the legendary quality of Park Tool’s workshop tools. The PMP-4 is average-to-good.

Price: € 22.95
Weight: 132 g
Strokes to reach 2.0 bar: 260
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