The best MTB mini pump you can buy

Birzman Infinite Apogee MTB CO2 Review


Not only the most pricey pump on test, the Birzman Infinite Apogee MTB is also the heaviest. It gives a mixed impression of quality at first glance, with the aluminium casing and flexible steel tube looking first-rate although the rubber end cap that fixes onto the tube doesn’t match their high quality image. However, for anyone in a hurry, this pump is the only one on test that features a tube that can cleverly double as an adaptor for a C02 cartridge.

minipumpen-shootout-birzman-infinite-apogee-mtb-3 minipumpen-shootout-birzman-infinite-apogee-mtb-7

The ‘snap-it’ valve head doesn’t need any altering to switch between presta and Schrader valves and it connects well. However, the Birzman took the most strokes on test to reach 2.0 bar.

Price: € 44.90
Weight: 177 g
Strokes to reach 2.0 bar: 275
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