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POC VPD System Lite – a new lightweight, well-ventilated knee pad from POC

No one wants to hit the trails without knee pads anymore. But often they are either too hot and uncomfortable or just too flimsy to give you a reasonable level of protection. The new POC VPD System Lite tries to be the perfect compromise. We took a closer look at POC’s exhibition stand here at Eurobike.

POC’s new VPD System Lite is designed to offer the optimal compromise between ventilation and protection. The price: € 140 for the knee pad and € 130 for the elbow pad.

POC’s VPD System Lite is a lightweight, well-ventilated knee/elbow pad with Level 1 certification that wants to fill an important gap in POC’s portfolio. Until now there were only two versions available — the super light VPD Air and the heavy VPD 2.0 and now the new VPD System Lite stands right between them. POC attached the protector directly to the lightweight stocking and didn’t bother with any additional layers of material – unlike they did with the Ai-model. The open construction is designed to improve ventilation. POC renounces the straps and uses an elastic stocking instead. Despite the minimalistic design the kneepad meets the Level 1 certification standard.

The new VPD System lite knee pad wants to strike the optimal balance between protection, ventilation and comfort
There are no straps on the new VPD System Lite
Even just by looking at POC’s new VPD System Lite you know the ventilation is good

The elbow and knee pads will be available early next year for respectively € 130 and € 140.

More news: you can easily wear POC’s System Torso Protector over your jersey and still look damn cool.

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Words & Photos: Christoph Bayer

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