EVOC Explorer Pro – new backpack for big tours

The new EVOC Explorer Pro backpack will be good news for those touring-enthusiast who love going on long rides. Price: 180 €

The guys at EVOC have always developed precisely those products they actually needed themselves. In the beginning it was backpacks with integrated back-protection but what was still missing, was a backpack for really long tours. The new EVOC Explorer Pro is now filling this gap in their portfolio. The backpack is available in two sizes with respectively 26 L and 30 L volume and comes with all of the popular EVOC-features. These include amongst other things, an improved Airflow Contact System for optimized ventilation and EVOC’s Brace-Link system for a perfect fit. In combination with voluminous hip-straps the EVOC Explorer Pro braces your back like a Koala bear and doesn’t slip on descents when fully loaded, as our editor had already found in a first test. Thanks to a clever partition-system you’ll be able to carry everything you need safely. But all of these smart details come at a price. For € 180 the backpack is yours. Depending on volume, the EVOC Explorer Pro comes in three colour-options.

The wide hip-pockets make for quick access and offer loads of room.
The Airflow Contact System should ensure good ventilation.
All on board! The EVOC Explorer Pro offers loads of room and clever partitioning.

For more information head to evocsports.com