POC introduces their ORA goggles and SPIN Pads for better safety

POC is well known for both their tidy designs and many innovative features. With their specially developed, freely mobile SPIN-Pads, the Swedes want to reduce rotational impact forces in the event of a crash, to better prevent head injuries. The SPIN-Pads are already featured on the popular Tectal Race helmet and the revised version of the Fullface Coron and Coron Air. Alongside the new SPIN Pads, POC has also presented their brand-new ORA Clarity goggles. These are supposed to offer the largest possible field of vision. Also the ventilation has improved. The Clarity-lenses – developed in collaboration with Carl Zeiss — ensure a crisp image. Experience the trail in HD!

The new SPIN-PADS are meant to prevent injuries from oblique impacts.
The SPIN-PADS are featured on the popular POC Tectal Race.
… as well as on the revised version of the Coron Air-Full Face.
Also new: the POC ORA goggles with extra wide field of vision and the new Clarity lenses.

For more information head to pocsports.com