LUPINE BILKA and LUPINE ALPHA, for a brighter trail

Ideal for helmets: the new LUPINE BILKA with 2.100 Lumens.

Even if most of us don’t want to admit it, the days are already getting shorter! If you don’t want to be left in the dark on your after-work-ride in a few weeks-time, you should get yourself a head-light. With the new BILKA, the good people at LUPINE offer the perfect all-round solution. With 2.100 Lumens produced by three LEDs it provides enough light to illuminate the trail extensively/over large areas. The BILKA is the big sister of the popular PIKO’s and about € 50 more expensive, depending on the model. The exact price is yet still unknown. The BILKA is controlled via two buttons on the actual light or via a remote. For those who aren’t satisfied with the performance of the Betty, the new Alpha with its 6.500 Lumens is a true light- monster. This will transform your nights into days.

Both the BILKA and the remote feature two control buttons.
Depending on the light-setting, three LEDs offer optimal illumination.
A real monster: the new Lupine Alpha with 6.500 Lumens.

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