Stan’s NoTubes Sentry, Baron and Major

The three newcomers in the MK3-line: Sentry (32 mm inner-width), Baron (35 mm) and Major (38 mm).

Thanks to the growing demand for plus tires and stable wheels for e-mountain bikes, Stan’s NoTubes presents three new rims for the new season straight away. They go by the names of Sentry MK3, Baron MK3 and Major MK3 and are based on the popular Flow MK3. Despite their unassuming look they actually come with additional 3, 6 and 9 mm inner width (Flow MK3: 29 mm) and a height that accordingly suits their stability. These will cover tire widths up to 3.5“.

All tire widths are covered.
Same look as the Flow MK3.

These will be available in all three wheel sizes (26”, 27.5”, 29”) as a rim-only option, in the same price range as the Flow MK3 and as a wheelset for about € 600. As with the Flow-MK3-wheelset, these will feature 32 triple-butted spokes and Neo-rims. The best part: the girls and boys at Stan’s are utterly convinced by the robustness of their products, and so both rims and wheelsets can be unrestrictedly used on e-mountain bikes. And that’s without creating a dedicated product-line.

Weight single rim/wheelset (29”)

Sentry MK3 556 g – 1,963 g
Baron MK3 583 g – 2,017 g
Major MK3 590 g – 2,031 g

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