Best in test & best value: ION K-Pact Zip

After the ION K-Pact won our previous knee pad group test, we were stoked to see how the zipped version would fare. Its built-in SAS-TEC protector offers the best weight/absorption ratio and recorded the highest level of protection in the lab. Despite glowing comfort reviews, some of the test riders complained about a minor pressure point on their shins after wearing the pad for a long time, but it was never a real concern. The K-Pact Zip sits perfectly on the knee, although the upper strap had a tendency to slip slightly after a while. The zip gives the K-Pact a lot of flexibility and freedom to put on and take off the pad on-the-fly, which is an optimal solution for rides with long climbs and demanding downhill sections. The fact that you can’t feel the zip when riding is quite remarkable, but if you’d rather count your pennies then you’ll be just as happy with the zipless version of the K-Pact for € 10 less. Ventilation could be slightly better, but we can live with it considering the brilliant overall package.

Delivering excellent levels of protection, comfort and a firm fit, the ION K-Pact Zip allows ION to successfully defend its title. With a price of € 99.95, it is also one of the cheapest models in the category and secures our Best Value badge.


– High protection
– Zip doesn’t impede on comfort
– High quality finish


– Slight pressure marks on the shin


Weight 517 g
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Price € 99.95