Leatt 3DF 6.0 Knee Guard

With the 3DF 6.0 Leatt sent a total newcomer into the contest–a brave decision asking their brand new knee pad to stand up to a test field of established top dogs. The first thing you notice when trying on the Leatt is its unique fit, as it literally sticks out from the knee. However, despite appearances, the awkward-looking fit of this South African design provides a high level of comfort. The 3DF 6.0 with its soft padding sits comfortably even when pedalling, regardless of the duration. The firmly integrated two-piece skid plate on the exterior allows for great sliding characteristics. In the lab the Leatt placed behind most of the other knee pads in the category but still offered very good protection. Ventilation and comfort were rated as decent by the test riders, but there were some complaints about the edging of the pad digging into the hollow of their knees. In terms of sizing it is fairly large, so we’d certainly advocate trying before buying (especially if you’re a light build).


– Integrated skid plate


– Pad can’t be removed
– Unconventional fit


Weight 495 g
More info at leatt.com

Price € 99.99