AMPLIFI Cortex Polymer

With the Cortex Polymer the German protection specialists from Oberstdorf have launched a true high-tech firework. This innovative knee pad features a high quality SAS-TEC protector on the inside, whilst an external abrasion-resistant Ceraspace material from Schoeller means that this pad can slide well. This construction meant that the AMPLIFI Cortex Polymer scored top marks in the lab and didn’t show any major drawbacks in our practical test either. Despite any initial perceived stiffness, the pad contours really well to your knee and feels super comfortable once your body temperature allows the protector to warm slightly. Its tight fit may come at the expense of ventilation but there’s no chance of this pad slipping out of place. All in all, AMPLIFI have delivered a well-made product, but its tight construction means it’s important to try it on before buying – a statement that applies here more than with any other knee pads on test.


– Superb protection


– Tight
– Warm
– Non-removable protector


Weight 551 g
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Price € 110.00