Feedback Sports Team Edition Tool Kit – Our “On-The-Go” recommendation

Clever, light and and built with great quality. These are the attributes we already know from Feedback’s Sports Pro Elite repair stand. And now we are all the more excited to put the new Team Edition Tool Kit to the test. In brief, all of the above mentioned attributes seem to fit almost without exception. The tools are of superb quality, well thought-out and comfortable to hold. Unfortunately during our test the chrome coating on the cassette extractor flaked off. This didn’t affect its functionality but somehow clouded our first good impressions.

All the tools from our mandatory list are included except for a chain-link tool. From our “nice to have” list unfortunately only a Shimano crank cap-tool and a rotor truing tool were included. On a positive note, Feedback Sports includes two small but very important tools: a valve core tool and a pick. Feedback also includes a small additional Phillips screwdriver and a pair of self-adjusting cassette pliers instead of the more common chain whip or 3-pin sprocket holder. The choice of a T27 Torx key over a more common T10 left us slightly perplexed. One of the two removable flaps attached with Velcro is left empty. This gives you the chance to retrofit the box with additional tools of your choice. But let’s get to the highlight of this tool-kit: It can be attached to any repair-stand with a fold-out crossbar and three straps – so you can always have everything at hand. Compact, well thought-out and of high quality… definitely a kit to carry around with you all the time.

  • Light and compact
  • Clever attachment system for repair stands
  • Good choice of additional tools and room for even more
  • Very good tool quality
  • Weaknesses
  • Allen and Torx only as a 3-way star key
  • No Torx smaller than T25

  • Weight 3.58 kg Price € 299.00 For more info head to: