Park Tool AK-2

We have to admit we were slightly disappointed when we removed the AK-2 case from the shipping box. The plastic case looks and feels flimsy and is only locked by one central buckle. Just by holding it by its handle the case deforms visibly. And on the inside things don’t look any better either. The removable strap isn’t properly attached to the box and the tools move around freely inside the case. On a positive note the AK-2 offers the most space for additional tools – but remember the case is pretty unstable, so you don’t really want to overdo it!

The tool selection is faultless and only three of the tools from our optional list are missing – nose pliers, pad/piston press and a rubber hammer. There is also a set of cone wrenches, a second set of large screwdrivers and a chain cleaner. The quality and construction of the metal parts is excellent and proven durable – but the finish, feel and look of the plastic/rubber parts fail to match the exclusive price tag: almost every tool comes with its own, different shade of Park Tool-blue. Also we find it slightly odd to use an adjustable wrench spanner to hold the crank puller in place. Conclusion: Despite the very good metal fabrication and quality, we wouldn’t recommend this kit, especially at this price.

  • Superb metal quality
  • Good tool selection
  • Lots of room for extra tools
  • Weaknesses
  • Case quality/ stability
  • Finish, feel and aesthetics of pretty much all of the tools
  • Price

  • Weight 6.01 kg Price € 439.99 For more info head to: