Pedros Apprentice Tool Kit

Alongside Park Tool, Pedros is one of the most popular manufacturers of bicycle tools. The Apprentice Tool Kit offers a solid, compact and durable basic kit. Unfortunately Pedros opted for a 3-pin sprocket holder over their excellent Vise Whip. This means it’s only suitable for 11 or 12 teeth-cogs – and this also means that it can’t be used with modern SRAM cassettes that have smaller 10 tooth cogs. Also the cassette tool left us slightly perplexed. The short-ish pins in combination with the wobbly grip of the 24-wrench could easily cause either the actual cassette tool or the locking ring to break.

On the other hand, the open pedal wrench is a great detail; it lets you tighten the bearings or centerlock rings without having to remove the crank, pedals or the wheel. All in all the tool selection covers our mandatory list except for a chain link tool and a 10 mm Allen key. As far as our “nice to have” list goes, this super compact and robust case only includes a crank puller, a 15/24mm wrench and a brush – which we believe is superfluous in a tool box. Pedros could have made much better use of the space. For example the minimalistic chain opener could have been replaced by a more sophisticated version from Pedros superior quality product lines. If you feel that the Apprentice Tool Kit is a good option for you, go for it because you will get long-lasting quality at a reasonable price.

  • Solid and compact case
  • The open crank tool is very practical
  • High-quality, durable tools
  • Weaknesses
  • No room for extra tools
  • The chain opener is too basic
  • The cassette tool is too short
  • Three-pin-cassette holder only for 11/12 t sprockets

  • Weight 3.71 kg Price € 299.00 For more info head to: